Bridget Gym’s Diary Saturday 7th June 2014 Day 13

Day 13

Saturday …

  • Awake: 7am as a lot on today.
  • Breakfast:  Early one, made coffee and toast with peanut butter as a bit of a treat
  • Snack: Sat in Kelvingrove Park at ten am and had a coffee and some toasted almonds
  • Lunch: Soup, going for dinner tonight
  • Snack : None
  • Evening: Dinner at friends. Cullen Skink (soup) Home made Burgers, salad, potato wedges. Treacle Tart for pudd. Oh and quite a lot of bubbles!
  • Today’s highs: Very good counselling session today and very good times with good friends at night
  • Today’s lows : Actually, none!
  • Exercise : A lot of walking!

Tip of the day: I knew I was going out for dinner tonight so balanced out my eating earlier in the day. This is here your planning comes in and also realizing that you need these nights off now and again, it is not comfort eating, it is good times!

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