”Bridget” Gym’s Diary

Over the next fourteen days, starting from Monday 26th May 2014, I am going to keep a ”diary” in the Bridget Jones style but with a difference.  I am going to record what I eat, drink, exercise and what kind of day it has been. My professional life will not be included but the everything else, within reason, will.

The format will be along the lines of the below but may change if I feel it is right to do so …

Awake at






Today’s highs

Today’s lows


Bed at

The reason for all this will become clear once the next fourteen days are over. Let me just say that it I am not going anywhere, on holiday or a fabulous date. The reason is much more *gulps* sensible. I have planned out all of my eating and daily exercise with the help of GymGuyMark and am very grateful for his expert advice. I do have to say that a few nights out and lunches have been factored in to the equation to keep my Gin or Gym balance right but for the moment it is goodbye to this


And hello to this

good brekkie

Eeeeek !!!!!

G x


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