Those M words! Change! An ending or a new beginning?



Have you ever noticed how many problems we ladies have to deal with that all begin with or feature a word beginning with M. Some we face every month, others rear their heads now again and we are forced to face. In this past month alone I have listened to …

  • Men One friends whose marriage ended and another whose boyfriend ditched her for another woman half her age. Both have replaced the men in their lives with three others, Mr Cadbury and those good ol boys Ben and Jerry!
  • Monthly Another friend who had the worst time of the month ever, it got so bad she took the Manager of her local Boots to task over the price of a box of tampons and all because he asked a female sales assistant to show ”the lady where the personal items are kept”. My friend did go back and apologise later.
  • Money It would appear that last month, and this, are a real struggle financially for a lot of us. Mr Tax Man appears to be enjoying removing a few pennies.

Some of these problems are things we have absolutely no control over, others we perhaps could have seen coming but chose to look the other way or just treated ourselves to that new pair of shoes knowing that maybe just maybe that tax bill would be bigger than we thought.

Me? Well there is one word beginning with M that I have to face head on and for once it is not moaning muscles. It is a word that comes to a lot of us females eventually and we have little or no choice but to cope with it. It started about three months ago when I got a huge spot on my chin.  It was the kind you used to get when you were 14 and usually appeared just before the school disco. I began to notice a few other things that were happening so out came the diary and I kept note. It would appear that my 50-year-old body has decided it wants to go back to being an adolescent again and instead of starting things off, it is shutting them down. That is as graphic as I will get, promise.

So what does this “mature adolescence” mean for me? It means  a lot of reading, a lot of talking to people I trust to give me good advice, it means handling it all drug and patch free and challenging the norm but most of all it means coming to a point where I can accept those changes and find the positives.

I started the Gin or Gym Blog because I was making a big change in my life that I chose to do, now a change is being forced on me by my body and it is time to find another balance. My Blog will still be all about the groaning muscles and how I am getting on at the Gym but I feel I have to include this other part of my life as well. I promise it will not get too graphic but it will be as honest as I choose to make it and hopefully the perspiration of my mature adolescence will show that if I can get through it sober and unscathed, then anyone can!

Here is to being as old as you feel, misbehaving and balancing life out with a gin in one hand and a weight in the other!


PS I refuse to use the real word because it is a technical term and I hate those.  If you look it up in the dictionary it mentions the word ceasing which I also hate. So I shall use the term mature adolescence until I come up with a better one.



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