Gin or Gym Friday Question Time with Jen and Elle

This is the first in a series of Friday Night Blogs that are designed to help you make the right decision if you are mad enough to start on any kind of fitness regime.

To give GymGuyMark a rest from my incessant questioning, I asked Jen and Elle from Forward Fitness to answer some of your questions

1. I am thinking of using a personal trainer rather than going to a Gym, as I want individual attention, what questions should I ask and what experience should I look for?

Jen – You need to have a vague idea of your own goals first. Then I would be looking for someone who emulates what I want e.g. a physique that you would like to have. It is good to speak to their other clients and watch them at work to see what sort of rapport they have with them. You have to feel comfortable with the person you are working with.

Elle – Similar to Jen, the trainer having same temperament and motivators that you respond to are also something I would consider.

2. Are there advantages to exercising with a group rather than ‘going it alone’?

Jen – I personally prefer to train with at least 1 other person. It motivates me and pushes me harder. When I first started to exercise I went along on my own, once I started going to classes I actually preferred it, it was more fun and you felt that you were part of something.

Elle – If you are motivated by a group then yeah, that is going to be your best option. Some people get lonely working out on their own.

3. There is a large Gym near my work so I will probably use that as I actually prefer to work out on my own, what should I be looking for when I go for a look around?

Jen – Equipment that you want to use, space, staff that are there and happy to help, other people who you want to train around, happy people training, and of course that it is clean

Elle – If the gym offers a program & follow ups to help you progress. No annoying boys that hog the equipment or make you feel intimidated when you are using it.

4. Are there any advantages to the ‘military style’ fitness classes over normal Gym work?

Jen – Some I have seen in the park are very busy and the instructor is just shouting out commands with no checks on technique or even coaching points. They have their place but are not for everyone. Being outside training can be better than inside though (Vitamin D deficiency is a big problem in the UK!). I would be looking for a small group style though

Elle – If you like crawling about the wet ground or ripping my gym gear then yes. Getting out in the fresh air always has an advantage.

5. What would you suggest is the best form of exercise to lose weight and tone up quickly?

Jen – Eat clean, train hard, lift heavy and don’t lie to yourself about what you are doing, and cut out as much sugar, including alcohol as you can. No exercise will help you lose weight and tone up if you don’t change the way you eat

Elle – Good food, running, weights

6. When, and what should you eat before or after a tough Gym workout?

Jen – Everyone is different. I have my muesli or a smoothie in the morning before I go out to teach and an unflavoured protein shake with homemade almond milk after. You have to try and test a few different things to see what works for you.

Elle – whatever doesn’t make you sick

Thanks girls and well done on your successful crowdfund with BloomVC, all the best for the future.


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