The hills are alive with the sound of …

It was a Gym night like any other. I arrived late as usual, got on the treadmill, hit the button and nearly shot off the back of it. Two reasons, firstly someone had changed it to mph instead of kph and secondly, GymGuyMark appeared on time and gave me a ‘friendly’ pat on the back! Once my poor old heart had jumped back into my chest, it was business as usual.

Only a short walk on the treadmill because GymGuyMark had decided it was time for a route march round the leafy lanes of Hyndland and Partick. Started off not too bad, walking at a good pace, bit of the usual ‘what you been up to banter’ and heading down through Hyndland, across Clarence Drive, through the houses ending up at back of the Cricket Club in Partick. Now somewhere at the back of my weary old brain, there was a wee niggle, nope not a midge bite but a ‘he better not be heading where I think he is heading’ niggle. As soon as we hit Dumbarton Road, the niggle became a ‘oh no, he is heading where I think he is heading’. Yes folks, we turned left and there before me, the mountain that is Gardner Street.

You know that bit in the Sound of Music where Julie Andrews belts it up the mountain, stretches out her arms and sings The Hills are Alive at the top of her voice, all I can say is she has never been frog marched up Gardner Street by GymGuyMark. Believe you me, if she had, she would have found it tough to get out one chorus of Lonely Goat-herd never mind a yodel or two! It was fine to begin with, I managed to keep up with GymGuyMark but after we crossed the road half way up, the legs started to wobble, I lost my breath and really struggled on the last part. But instead of bursting into song at the top, I made to the nearest lamppost and hung on for dear life till my breath and legs caught up with me. Actually I think one of my lungs may still be on its way home! If you see it, please give it a lift!

View from the top

After all that it was back to The Western Tennis and Racquets Club and upstairs to the weight room, himself deciding he wouldn’t join in the pulling weight thing as he had not long eaten. Not sure I like him knicking my excuses ! Time for sit ups, and not content with making me power walk up a hill only the insane would try, GymGuyMark decided it would be great fun for me to do them holding a rather heavy kettlebell. Ouch! Ouch! And double Ouch! However I did get a wee bit of revenge, the God of Air Conditioners was on my side and lo he decided to switch off the blessed air conditioner and drip holy water all over GymGuyMark. Ah blest are the knackered of lung and legs for they shall have a right good laugh at an almost drowned PT.

So tonight was a major challenge but between the determination of spirit, the brightness of the sky and the blessing of the GymGuy with water, it was a good night!

Till next time  and may the blessing of the Air Conditioning God be with you all !

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