To Do … Me time!

Today was a nice day! The sun was shining and I was only in work till 1pm. So let’s fast forward through the hectic round of coffee, phone calls, emails, dramas, coffee, checklists and get to 13.00 hours. Coat on, see you tomorrow guys!

I had so much to do this afternoon that I started checking over my to do list in the taxi and it struck me that many of the reasons for this half day were based around communication.  Letters to be written, phone calls to make, meetings to be had, emails to be sent, this was an afternoon Gym workout for my language and communication skills! Problem was the Gin side is screaming that it is so nice outside, much better to scrap it all and go sit in the Botanics, but my ‘gym brain’ kicked in and pointed out that if I applied the Gym workout ethic to my to do list, it might all be over in 30 minutes and there could be time for gin!

So my ‘workout’ went something like this

  • First meeting over and done with in ten minutes, very surprised a lawyer who can get to the point straight away!
  • Home to flat, emails done, didn’t waffle but might have used a smiley face when not appropriate!
  • Calls done in ten minutes, no thanks I don’t want a credit card or a loan you make enough from me through my overdraft!
  • Letters / forms written and signed. In envelopes with last of Christmas stamps on to post on way to second meeting.

To do list done and dusted in thirty minutes with no muscles strained so the rest of the afternoon was spent having a nice relaxed chat and discussion about Social Media in the pleasant surroundings of the bar in The Western Health and Racquets Club. Weird to be there in heels and not in trainers!  Positive meeting and the best bit was GymGuyMark got a slagging, keeping the reason why secret in case he makes my life a misery on Thursday. Meeting over, what did I do next? Shopping?  Ironing? Dusting? Nope, went home and had a nap. Well, all that talking and communicating takes it out of you and I had kinda been at the Gym.

Isn’t it amazing how we spend our lives texting, tweeting and listening to others but how often do we sit and spend time listening to ourselves and our own voice? When do we pay attention to our head telling us ‘I have too much information to process, slow down’ or our body warning ‘you need to get out for a walk girl, you know you need fresh air’. Sometimes it is hard to take the easy route, take time to breathe rather than run around like a hyper ventilating chicken. Time to not make life difficult for ourselves.  Often it is far simpler to be a martyr and keep going, be disorganised and forget to take time out to chill! That afternoon nap I had had been much-needed today; it was my body’s way of telling me you are knackered, slow down.  I had the time and yes, I could have been doing other things but the day’s goals had been accomplished and it was time for me.

So me and my inner voice are off for a stroll round the West End and possible a wee (?) gin on my return

Till Thursday


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