Balls and toes!

Ah Monday, the day of the week we all dread, we drag ourselves off to work fuelled by the excesses of the weekend and many cups of coffee. Downcast faces wishing it was Friday!  But you know what this Monday was different; normally busy day at work but tonight the sun was shining, the courts at The Western Health and Racquets Club were packed with players and there were balls flying everywhere. From the youngsters to the young at heart, was so good to see everyone out enjoying themselves.

Me? My evening went a bit like this ….

  • Ten minutes on the running machine, had been sitting on my you know what all day and needed to walk it off
  • GymGuyMark appears after dealing with a gas related incident, I didn’t ask.
  • “Too nice to stay inside, do some stretches then we are off outside for a run” sorry, did he just say run ?????? “Well a power walk and maybe a wee run”
  • Aye right! Much chat about weekend and the bit that fell off GymGuyMark’s motorbike.
  • Actually it was a nice walk around Hyndland but I didn’t realise how steep Clarence Drive is when you are totally out of breath and trying to stop your lungs leaping out your mouth.
  • Back to the Gym and upstairs for weights, time to shove, pull and torture the parts of my body that don’t want shoved, pulled or tortured.
  • First the sit up routine, 30 then a breather, bit of film chat, bit of banter then 30 more screaming tummy muscles.  Best bit was the air conditioner kept dripping on GymGuyMark’s face.
  • Next to the weight room men and don’t spare the horses!
  • Slightly different the way we did this tonight, instead of doing many reps on the machines, I did 20 on the pulling from behind thing, 20 on the hauling the elephant into the air, then back to 20 pulls and back again to 20 elephant lifts, followed by the push a small car with your legs machine and finally the dreaded thigh torture.
  • Knackered! My lazy weekend was starting to tell
  • Finally, back through to the mats and a wee seat, well sort of. Little bit of stretching and … cue fanfare … I managed to lean over and touch my toes!  Well on my right side, not quite there on my left.

All done for the evening, there was one more task left … the weigh in! But to keep you in suspense all I will say is it is going in the right direction and I am happy with it. No details yet, you will have to keep reading.

So between the managing to touch my toes, the weight going downwards and the sunny evening, I say balls to Monday, do your worst in future, I can touch my toes!

Till Thursday


PS Just want to say thank you to the guys at Napier’s Glasgow for this amazing cream, sorts out aching muscles amd smells good to. If you can’t get to the shop, you can buy it online at



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