Fit enough to sweat!

So Thursday has come round again and it’s back to at The Western Health and Racquets Club for yet another let’s annoy the muscles session. Monday night’s session was tough one, mainly cardio again and I was knackered the next day so was a bit apprehensive. As per usual, left work later than planned so was a mad dash to the West End as had forgotten Gym stuff again.

So finally arriving at Gym off we go …!

  • Ten minutes late thanks to taxi driver who decided to take a short cut! Nae tip mate.
  • Usual 6 minutes on the treadmill followed by stretches
  • Unlike Monday, GymGuyMark appears and doesn’t slap me on the back (still to get him back for that)
  • Bit of knot in my leg, more stretches.
  • And now onto Nemesis the cross trainer. Haven’t been on this for a while so time to focus on achieving.
  • GymGuyMark took the one that makes no noise and gave me the squeaky one. Quote “the squeaking is the machine; the clunking sound is your knees”.
  • Actually feeling not too bad on Nemesis tonight, am actually holding conversation. Various topics from cinema, work and why you should not use inappropriate gestures when kids are around.
  • Tiem to go into reverse, honestly. feels so weird.
  • Chuffed, got off Nemesis, no wobbly legs and almost still in breath. Job done

  • Gent that he is, GymGuyMark carried my bag upstairs, pink is sooo his colour!
  • Time for a bit of cycling; now this one I like. Has a comfy seat and your legs are more horizontal. I even got to press the buttons.
  • Long day at work starting to kick in, but achievement on Nemesis has cheered me up no end.
  • Sweating big time due to major nearly 49 style power surge!
  • Feel better as GymGuyMark explained that sweating during exercise does not always mean that you are unfit. Followed up by one of his special technical explanations, the boy knows his stuff.
  • Time to piss off the tummy muscles, just realising that the reps are now up at 30. How did he sneak that one in?
  • Three different types of sit ups done, well hacked off tummy muscles that are getting fed up with being woken up.
  • Told at one point that I was not doing sit ups I was just nodding! Huh!
  • Can’t tell you the joke GymGuyMark told me.
  • Major cramp in right leg …. Ow ow ow ow ow  ow ow and it was not going away so end of session.

Very very chuffed that I managed the cross trainer without collapsing in a heap on the floor. I am starting to realise that this is when the hard work really begins. Maintaining the level I have reached so far and keeping on improving. GymGuyMark went over the plans for the next few sessions and it sounds like hard work with a lot more aches and sweat! But as the woman once said “you want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying … in sweat.” Do you thing I could swap fame for gin?

Remember, remember, remember remember, remember, remember ….. GIN!

Now where did I leave my legwarmers?



  1. Ah, the joy of the cross-torture. A few weeks ago I started the body balance class. You know when you watch a B rated dance troupe, there is always the dame that is one step behind the rest? The one that is always looking at the rest because she doesn’t really know what she’s doing? That was me tonight! As for balance…..if we were supposed to stand on one leg, with arms out stretched pretending to fly we’d be built like storks….So how come everyone else can do it but me? However I did excell on the floor exercises…..I have an effinity with the floor…..that’s my favourite place….it is where I belong…..

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