To pull or not to pull? That is the question …

“Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer the Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune” or 6 minutes on a sloping treadmill at The Western Health and Racquets Club, you decide. Yes, my friends, all back to normal. Well as normal as looking like a sweaty panda with cramping thighs does.

Session 14 has come and gone and it went a bit like this

  • 5 minutes good pace walking on the treadmill
  • GymGuyMark appears with cuppa and new haircut. Cuppa not for me!
  • Bit of chat re weekend and The Avengers, bit of stretching then quote ‘time to face your Nemesis’
  • Nope, not the dreaded cross trainer but the attempt to reach 6.5 pace on a 6.5 slope, on the treadmill. Started off slow then GymGuyMark took charge of the pace, I think I kept a half decent attempt at chat but most of the time was too busy remembering to breathe.
  • Decided not to look at counters and concentrate on not falling over and/or passing out!
  • Got a smack on the hand for holding on to the handrails. I just remembered that, will so get GymGuyMark back.
  • No idea how I did but don’t care, I made an attempt.
  • Jelly Legs James attempts to walk to rowing machine, so attractive!
  • Actually quite like this machine, has a bit of aggression to the pulling side of things. Never going to beat Sir Steve Redgrave but give me time and I am sure I could show those Oxford boys a thing or two.
  • The roaring rowing machine really does make the lungs and legs work, once you get into a rhythm it is not too bad but sustaining it is much harder. Pulling on the ‘oar’ as hard as you can while pushing with your legs, keeping the momentum going is tough.

  • Cardio over, time for weights and tummy taming.
  • First sets of sit ups, GymGuyMark making me laugh so tummy muscles not happy as being told to laugh and exercise at same time.
  • Next on the pull again, sitting on the floor, got told off for not pulling weights down and straightening arms correctly, but got into rhythm and all good.  Especially the lying back on the floor bit.
  • Next that thigh machine, nuff said other than I hate it! It has to go but the damn thing works!
  • More weights, lifting the ‘sixes’ in two different ways, eyes closed as can see how bad hair is in mirrors and that yet again I look like a panda with sunburn, my face is so red. Will someone please invent a mascara that stays on ?
  • Final set of sit ups then all done.
  • Collapse on heap on floor

Good night tonight, actually felt quite comfortable considering I slightly ‘overdid’ it at the weekend. Much more Gin than Gym I am afraid, but that is why I got into this, so I could balance it all out.  So onwards to Thursday we go and …. Drum roll …. The weigh in!



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