Power or Gin or Chips ?

Tonight should have been session 14 but that was not to be, yet again the Thursday night curse struck and Gym session at The Western Health and Racquets Club was abandoned. Rain did not stop play but life chucked a dirty great big spanner in the works, just as I got to the Gym door.

So instead of working out to the sound of GymGuyMark’s patter, I had to head back into the City Centre, where it turned out the potential crisis had already been averted and the troops could stand at ease.  Calm should have ensued but instead my inner Hulk started to seethe. Now world do not worry, there was no bulking up into an angry green woman with ripped t-shirt and joggers on,  I was in the middle of Charing Cross for goodness sake, can you imagine the traffic chaos. No, I simply plugged in the earphones, found the loudest punk music on my I Pod and started to stomp my way back to the West End. It is amazing how fast you can move when you are angry especially with the sound of Messer’s Weller, Foxton and Buckler, Going Underground blasting in my ears.

Just made me think about how our emotions affect not only our life but our fitness regimes. How easy it is when we feel low or out of sorts to say ‘ach forget it’ and pull the duvet up over our heads, or if we have had a bad day to stuff the Gym and hit the couch via the chip shop.  Tonight I was faced with the choice of the power walk home to make up for missing the Gym or to jump in a taxi and head for the nearest Bar for a badly needed gin. Funnily enough, and yet again I cannot believe I am saying this, there wasn’t really any choice. The power walk it was, straight down Woodlands Road, along Park Road, down GWR to Byres Road then  … what was I thinking … down Byres Road, up into Highburgh Road and off storming up into Hyndland Road. By the time I got to the shops, I was knackered, totally out of breath and gasping for chips. But saint that I am, the only thing I bought from Pizza Magic was one of their lovely lattes. I know, I know that halo will choke me one day!

Tonight’s little episode taught me three things

  1. that I need to leave my damn mobile at home more
  2. the hill heading up from The Big Blue to Fantoosh Fish on GWR is a lot steeper than you think
  3. the West End of Glasgow looks gorgeous on a sunny evening even when you are impersonating the Hulk.

Time to stop, sit down, chill with a latte and watch the world go by. Well after I have done my sit ups, stretches and weights !





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