The Return of the Fittest, Tweetest Nurse !

I am lucky enough to know a few folks who have been a bit of an inspiration to me with regards to fitness and balancing it with life. I am delighted to say that Brian agreed to do a Guest Blog for me … enjoy !

For those who followed me @BrianBarnesUK on Twitter would have seen, particularly last year, that I was well into a fitness buzz!  In fact, from the year previous, I managed to shift just under 2 stones in weight! Continuing the gym was a necessity for me, there was no question of me going back to a 36″ waist and it did continue – well until Christmas!

After Christmas, part of my life changing plans was to reestablish my basic nursing skills as I am studying to gain a degree in adult nursing, I started my job as a Healthcare Assistant in a Stirling hospital, my ass was moving from the desk to the ward! Between training, studying, working on the ward and keeping a hand in my own business, the time to attend the gym just wasn’t there, but I was still finding time to have the odd G&T (and it wasn’t even slimline).

In the last week, I have found myself with a bit more time, that is a lie, there isn’t a bit more time, I have just reshuffled some priorities! I got back to the gym after feeling bloated post Easter weekend, I jumped on the treadmill and managed 3k in about 24 minutes!  I was shattered, sweat was p*****g off my brow and my knees were shaking but I LOVED it, I felt as if I had made a difference, to what I don’t quite know!

Looking at all the “how to lose weight” articles, I  stumbled across one about the best time to exercise is when you waken up before having your breakfast!  The article argued that by working out before eating is that your body has burned off all the carbs when you are sleeping and all that is left to burn is the fat!  That’s what I tried!

After day 1, even though I made that big difference, I wanted to do more and along came the plan to go for another run after my early shift (it was a wee early shift, just 7am to 1pm)!  And that I did, off I went for a wee run after getting up at 5am.

Keeping fit, running, getting the scales to fall under that 12st mark, are all part of the bigger challenge!  That sense of achievement when you hit all your targets makes it all worth while and not forgetting how good you feel about yourself when you fit into those 32″ Waist jeans with comfort and not constricted circulation!

Thanks Brian and keep nursing !

You can follow Brian on Twitter as @Tweetest_nurse or on his Blog



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