Lady Kluck with Dot Tattoo

So folks here we are on session nine at the Gym, in the Western Health and Racquets Club. I feel like I have been doing this for years instead of only a few short weeks but it is amazing how quickly it has become an integral part of my life.

I finished work in good time tonight, so for a change I was early, straight in the door and onto the treadmill …. Here we go again!

  • 7 minutes fast walking on the treadmill, one near heart attack when GymGuyMark appeared beside me. I was so busy concentrating on my posture and speed, I didn’t see him. It is a viscous rumour I was half asleep. Wee bit of banter about the weekend and GymGuyMark’s dog.
  • Next some quick stretching then back onto the treadmill, now the next bit is a bit of a blur. I got onto to the treadmill and GymGuyMark set it at 6.5 pace with an incline also of 6.5.  To start off with, it was okay, a bit like walking up a very steep hill to get to the pub before closing type pace. But around about 2 minutes in my legs started to feel weird, I could feel myself losing control of my steady breathing and I guess a slight panic set in. I managed to sort my head out but another minute in and that was that. I had had enough; my breathing had run away from me. I cannot describe how I actually felt because it was such a weird feeling but I think I hit the proverbial wall. GymGuyMark slowed the treadmill down, and let me ‘walk it out’.  This is the beauty of working with a true professional, they know when you need to stop but he made sure I kept going at a steadier pace to calm my breathing back down. I actually recovered quite quickly but took a couple of minutes.
  • However there is no rest for the wicked, so onto Nemesis, the cross trainer. Breathing normally again and feeling good. the banter about everything from GymGuyMark comparing me to Lady Kluck, Maid Marian’s sidekick in Disney’s Robin Hood to why I should never drink tequila.
  • Off Nemesis and onto the bike, see what I mean about no rest! The subject turned to tattoos, mainly cos GymGuyMark has a huge dragon tattoo’d on his back. He didn’t seem too impressed when I told him about mine. It’s a dot on my right arm that was supposed to be a dove, but I wimped out after ten seconds.
  • Upstairs to the weights room and the machines of many tortures.
  • First on the floor for the sit up sequence, getting better at this, but tummy muscles still hate me. Himself used the fact that he has a new bit on his tattoo as an excuse not to do the sit ups along with me. Such a wimp that boy, has he seen my dot !!!!!!
  • Bit of chat and a wee rest for a minute.
  • Next the pull your arms out of your sockets whilst trying to stop the weights from hauling you through the ceiling machine. Nuff said apart from Ow!
  • Then the sit down thing where you just about split yourself in two by opening your legs as wide as you can.  End of story! Discussion about cruelty to animals.
  • One more go on the pulling weights machine, I am sure there is an elephant hidden somewhere behind that machine.
  • Finally the biceps thingys with the hand weights. I am so getting into the technical terms!

I don’t mind telling you I was shattered, my poor old legs were like jelly, not a dissimilar feeling to the way they feel after several G&T’s.  I was glad of a wee seat in the office to have a look at GymGuyMark’s photos of the weekend.

I know I have used the word weird several times on this post but, this session was very weird. The incident on the treadmill kind of shook me a wee bit, I have never felt like that before, I was in no danger whatsoever but I definitely hit a limit. So I may not be brave enough to attempt a large dragon tattoo but, quite content with my dot, I shall be brave enough to give 6.5:6.5 another go but this time not be so scared!

Till the next time … all I have left to say is …

Robin Hood and Little John, walkin’ through the forest

Laughin’ back and forth at what the other’ne has to say

Reminiscin’, This-‘n’-thattin’ havin’ such a good time

Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally … Golly, what a day !

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