I do solemnly declare that I …

First an admission, work got in the way on Monday, so I missed a Gym session. Normally I would have been yay a night off!  But weird, I felt no yay more boo! Am I finally turning a corner, is my Gymophobia cured … aye right!

So tonight I ventured back to the Western Gym in Hyndland Road, feeling not too bad after keeping up the homework of stretches, work with the pink band and the odd power walk home. Hoping that it would not feel too tough to cope with whatever GymGuyMark had in store for me.

So from top to bottom tonight’s workout goes like this

  • 6 minutes on the treadmill, good pace, feeling okay, old trainers on cos new ones still not broken in. Broke nail!
  • 7 minutes on Nemesis (cross trainer), hate it, had a wee hissy fit and slapped the machine.
  • Cycle, also for 6 minutes I think, but GymGuyMark was chatting so lost track of time. He does it deliberately!
  • Back on treadmill slightly inclined, 6 minutes, good pace and knackered. Forgot mascara wasn’t waterproof so looked like a panda with sunburn.
  • Upstairs to weight room, now shattered, red-faced and sweating … too gorgeous for words.
  • The Pulling machine, well weights from behind, arms hurt after second set of twenty or was it ten.
  • New exercise tonight, knee up on bench, other foot on floor, lifting weight from floor up to chest. Forget what GymGuyMark called it, changing over arms, two sets. Left arm not as good as right. need to lift more pints, I mean weights with left arm.
  • Standing in front of the mirror.  Oh My G what the heck do I look like! Weight down at my side, other arm across chest. Bend to the side, then lift weight Apparently according to GymGuyMark, if you want a tummy like Nicole Scherzinger, this is one of the exercises you need to do.
  • Thinking I am more Bagpuss than a Pussycat Doll!
  • Discussion on blokes who wear skinny jeans!
  • Next the Elephant lift, standing up at machine, pulling down weights. First set not too bad, then got giggles half way through second set because someone made me laugh. Cannot repeat what he said as my Mum reads this.
  • On floor, sit ups as usual using the large exercise ball as an ‘anchor’ felt not too bad till GymGuyMark decided to go all bossy on me and told me no resting tonight!
  • Finally, I thought it would be the last set of sit ups. So it was but this time I had to grip the large exercise ball between my thighs, lift it off the floor and do the sit ups. First five or so were fine but then convulsed into laughter when yet again, GymGuyMark put me off with a ‘joke’ or two. Felt like I had given birth to a large rubber baby. That one hurt, really felt it. The tummy muscles that is, not the large rubber baby!
  • Quality chat tonight ranged from Starsky and Hutch’s Ford Torino, potential drugs busts in Hong Kong, Greek culture, memories of Campbeltown, what makes a ‘good’ personal trainer to obliques (I think that’s what GymGuyMark said the muscle was called).

And there endeth tonights session, did I feel good, bad or knackered? All three to be truthful, the legs are distinctly wobbly, the tummy muscles are burning and the arms just want to sleep. But the energy is there, the want to keep going is there and the need for a gin and tonic ever greater.

No session on Monday as I shall be recovering from chocolate egg heaven and GymGuyMark is off for a well-deserved break. However I do solemnly declare that I promise never to miss a session again … it just ain’t worth it!

Happy Easter


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