This House thinks that hamstrings … !

I woke up this morning and couldn’t feel my right foot. That is it, I thought, I have permanently damaged my right leg, I have trapped a nerve or something worse so I am giving up this Gym lark, it is far too dangerous. However before I could burn my super-duper sports bra, the feeling had come back into my foot and I realised that I had slept so soundly last night that my entire body was totally relaxed. It then dawned on me that apart from Friday when I had the migraine, I have actually been sleeping better since I started this keep fit lark. The tired I feel is a healthy one and not the so flippin’ knackered I fall asleep in the chair tired.

Plus one for the Gym …

However on the downside my arms and legs don’t belong to me anymore. I am sure someone came in in the middle of night when I was sleeping soundly and replaced the plump, comfy arms with these permanently aching limbs. They are not sore just protesting very loudly that the heaviest thing they have lifted in the last few years is a very large gin glass, so what is all this lifting heavy weights thing? My legs, well where to start ? My hamstrings scream like a very badly tuned violin and my thighs are now on strike threatening to never move again. They are joined on the picket line by my feet, who cannot understand what the hell is going on. They are used to be stuck into my trainers to walk home from work but now they get stuck into well padded sports socks and made to walk, push and support this frame I call a body.

Minus one to the Gym …

The Gin or Gym debate rages on my friends, the pros and cons of any kind of exercise, the aches and pains after a Gym session versus the slobbing out in front of crap TV. Stuff the Budget, these are pertinent issues of the day. I am sure the House would far rather listen to me whingeing about my whining hamstrings than hear Geo Osbourne announce how yet again we are about to be shafted financially. Grudgingly I have to admit that the general strike in my limbs aside I do, gulps, feel better. My posture is improving and my legs are starting get a bit of shape back into them. Like the end to any sit in or walk out by the workforce, negotiations are ongoing and slowly but surely my body and psyche is starting to vote in favour of continuing support for our sister G quest for equality in shape and size.

So brothers and sisters in aching limbs, we shall continue our struggle against the protest of our lazy bodies and carry on the good work at the Gym and at home.

This House thinks that hamstrings should shut and get a life, a fitter life !

G x

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  1. got so excited reading your stuff that I inadvertantly ate too many twirl bites, does that mean I have to take up gyming???!!!

    keep going sweetheart, the proof of the pudding – um – eh – maybe not a good cliche that one…

    that’s one small step/grind/wheeze for man and one giant leap for spare tyre kind.

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