The Monday how many more ?????

Let me start by saying that today was not a good day! Non stop at work, recovering from horrendous migraine and a general ‘tell me why I don’t like Mondays’ feeling going on! After a day like today it would normally be home via Oddbins and the Chippy, pj’s on and slob out. And, my friends how easy it would have been to have done that. Quick call to GymGuyMark to use the sorry stuck in the office /  in horrendous traffic on Great Western Road excuse but, guilt got the better of me. So another mad dash home to get changed and a fast walk through the horrible drizzly rain down to the Gym at the Western Lawn Tennis and Squash Club on Hyndland Road.

This next sentence may actually horrify those that know me. The only time I am normally prone to breaking into a run is when the barman shouts time, but when I got to the traffic lights on Great Western Road, I realised how late I was going to be and the fast walk became a wee short run! Shocked eh!

I am sort of getting into a wee routine now, 6 mins on the running machine, then the same on the bike, back on the running machine and then onto Nemesis aka the cross trainer. It is starting to feel comfortable but I do know when I have had enough. Tonight GymGuyMark made the running machine incline slightly and about three-quarters of the way through my right leg felt weird so we slowed down, stretched then walked it off. It was fine but I guess that’s my body’s way of saying just haud the bus a bit hen! It also reassuring that you have an expert there to advise you on what to do, glad to have GymGuyMark’s years of experience.

Those patient souls who read this lycra free Blog will have come to know that GymGuyMark talks to me constantly when I am on the running machine or the bike. His opening line today was “what pish are we going to talk about tonight then?” His excuse is that it helps him know what pace I can go at or if I am getting out of breath. Tonight’s subjects ranged from kit cars to handbags, what we did at the weekend to school detention and why do moths only bite holes in trousers and never in jackets. Oh yes, all the burning issues of the day are covered.

Time to climb the stairs to see what other tortures, I mean delights GymGuyMark has in store. Tonight he had been working with another guy, and thought it would be a really good idea to bring a little bit of competition into things by seeing who could get to 20 sit ups first. Yeh right, by the time I had done five, the other guy had finished. Mind you just as you think that is it, you hear those immortal words ‘give me five more’ ! Now this is when I have to be polite and not tell GymGuyMark where to go shove his five more. but it is a challenge and five more have to be done. Then just as you are enjoying a wee lie down, he arrives with weights, just lower these back over your head twenty times please, and keep your arms straight. Aye sure, not a problem … ooooya !

Finally tonight after the dreaded elbow, bingo wing dip thing, I got to use one of the weight machines. Sitting down on this actually quite comfy bench, GymGuyMark then informed me that  I had to lift my feet up and push hard against this large foot rest thing. I would like to point out that there are weights attached to this thing that were not budging an inch and my knees were pressed up against my chest and  half way up my nose. Now I am sure there are sisters and brothers out there who suffer from the same ‘one too many doughnuts’ tummy as I do, so you can imagine how comfortable this is. It was a very attractive look everything that can bulge does and with the red screwed up face, Cindy Crawford eat your heart out.

Session over for another day,  chatting to GymGuyMark I found out that he is also a Thai Boxing coach. When I said I would be interested in learning a few moves from a fitness and self-defence point of view, as a demonstration he showed me how to get out of the arm up the back type hold. it was relatively simple thing to do, if only I could remember how.

Any road up another day another stiff muscle, Thursday is going to be weigh in day so stand by your cakes and gin my friends, time to say ‘How much ????’

G x

PS Mark, this is the kind of exercise I am talking about ! Thanks to @skelptarse for the photo.

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