Just call me The Procrastinator !

I have to start tonight with an apology, I was ten minutes late. I hate being late, in this case mainly because it meant a jog down Hyndland Road to get to the Western Lawn Tennis and Squash Club Gym in time. Out of breath and in a rotten mood does not make for a good start to a Gym session. especially when you arrive and GymGuyMark is waiting in the hallway for you. Oops !

Good start tonight though, I met Krista, a fellow tweeter. Totally envious of her on the cross trainer ! She made it look effortless. So after a quick stretch, it was straight onto Nemesis, myself and then onto the running machine. Bit longer on there tonight, and half way through GymGuyMark slowed the pace down and inclined it. That is tough, my legs really wobble. well they wobble at the best of times but this is an oooh we no likey wobble! Had to concentrate quite hard tonight, I had a bout of hayfever today and had to take a pill, it tends to make me a bit breathless so not so much chat with GymGuyMark. However I did brighten up when he told me he had a present for me. Aww thinks I, that is so sweet until he told me it was a big pink, stretchy elastic band I could use for working out at home with.

Up the stairs for a quick go on a bike that apparently works different parts from the other bikes. All I know is it had a very comfy seat and I nearly nodded off mid way through cos GymGuyMark went off to find his keys and left me alone. Aff the bike and time to be measured up for the band.

This is the offending object, pretty isn’t it. Do not be fooled my friends, this innocent looking pink band will stretch your muscles, shove your shoulders and pull your chest into places you never dreamed off.

GymGuyMark has assured that he has never seen one break …. yet ! It does stretch a fair bit but we will see how it does when a stressed out Glaswegian wummin uses it in anger.

Joking aside, good thing is I can use it at home. The exercises we used this for do fairly stretch things. I know I tensed up because I was convinced it was going to break. Gotta trust the GymGuy though!

Next it was onto the floor for the tummy muscles to get a workout. After the first 25, I asked GymGuyMark about the weird feeling I get in my neck when I do sit ups. After the technical explanation and assurance that yes, I would not break my neck or end up like Frankenstein, we carried on. 25 more and I checked if the pace I was going at was okay. Again a good explanation and finally he sussed that I was actually having a wee rest between exercises. GymGuyMark decided that I am The Procrastinator.

So another workout done, a quick one tonight because I was late. Really kind of GymGuyMark to give me the band and the homework that goes with it.

Nice drawings eh !

Oh there was one other that I did tonight but you will have to go check out The Weigh In page

G x





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