Day 26 Tempests ❤❤❤

Well Day 26 was windy, cold and wet! It was one of those days where you just want to stay in bed and do nothing but watch crap TV. Unfortunately I had a list as long as my aching legs so no lazing around!!!! I didn’t even have time for a gym session so instead I walked it from the West End into Glasgow City Centre, in the rain. 

Check my short video here, although I do get the name of the movie wrong 

Tuesday night is movie night and tonight was the RSC latest production of The Tempest. It is such a strange play but the effects in this production make it rather special. Such a weird experience watching theatre in the cinema, it is great that you can get access to productions that would normally be too far away or too expensive.

RSC The Tempest
Today was a day full of more preparation and planning, a touch of networking and watching Prospero. I am beginning to factor the balancing of all the elements I wanted to be able to cope with into my day. The key is going to be that when I get back to work that this balance remains. So far it seems to be working but the proof will be in the Optimistic pudding. 

Ohhh pudding!!!!!

Sunday Morning Post Coffee Thought 19/08/2012

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”  Dr. Seuss

How many times have you cried after watching a film?

Whether it was sad, funny, romantic or even violent, often a wee tear is shed at the end when good prevails over evil, the boy gets the girl or the world is doomed again and there is no hope!

What is it that made us shed that tear? The music, the dialogue, the performances or is it that somewhere inside us the situation triggers a memory or an emotion from a memory?

Do we remember a sense of hopelessness when we lost control of our world or perhaps, when the girl decides to run off with the ‘drifter’ instead of the ‘faithful boyfriend’,  deep down we are reminded of a choice we made?

Or is it just because the film has ended and for those 90 odd minutes we were in someone else’s world where we didn’t have to think, feel or talk! But we know we have to walk into the light of the Cinema foyer and face reality.

Perhaps as Doctor Seuss so rightly says, instead of crying because the ‘film has ended’ we should remember the fact that perhaps the girl didn’t get her ‘ideal man’ but look at what she got up to trying! We maybe be mourning the end of one life, but smile because it was such a life!