150 Days to go, let’s do this!

One of my friends shared a remarkable video clip on Facebook the other day about an amazing young lady who had set herself the challenge of going to the gym for 100 days in a row. It was inspiring to see the short film of her daily challenges and to see her being completely honest about her struggles.

Her blog is here https://lovethyself365.wordpress.com/ I urge you to read it!

Honesty has always scared me when it come to blogging or chronicling any kind of change in my life by photo or video as, although I have shared the odd sweaty red faced selfie, I have always shied away from the dreaded speaking bit. But having watched and read her Blog it gave me a right good kick to get myself back on track! 

So it transpires that from Thursday 12th January it is 150 days till I will be 54 and I thought what a great opportunity to have a go at making some permanent changes, trying out some new challenges and coping with it all. I am sticking to my Gin or Gym ethos of keeping everything in balance so don’t expect a blog full of plain chicken, spinach and protein shakes. I will be working with the long suffering @gymguymark on some PT sessions as well as other activities that will help me with this challenge. I promise to try the video clip thing and apologise in advance for the double chins

Time to get the tshirts ironed, the gym bag packed, the phone charged and my blogging head on!

You can follow me on Twitter @ginorgym Instgram ginorgym and on my Facebook page

150 days of change, challenge and coping starts tomorrow! Where did I put the chocolate??????

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