Sunday Soppy Time

Question: when life is feeling absolutely shitty or it gets turned upside down in the blink of an eye, what do you do?

Hands up if you went for E.??? I know I did! 

When a situation arises out of the blue that just makes you doubt your abilities, question your confidence and generally just ask yourself why you ever bothered getting out of bed in the first place, it can scare you back into your comfort zone. Whether that is said PJ’s and scary hairdo or a box of Oreos, well maybe three, it is important that we allow ourselves that time. 

A friend of mine who knows all about my current situation sent me the someecard above with the message “just don’t allow it to go on for too long or I will come drag you out no matter what you are wearing”. Scary thing is she means it! 

So I have allowed myself two days of watching Christmas movies, eating pizza and drinking bad coffee in my new Christmas pyjamas. I have cried my eyes out at every Hallmark movie that Channel 5 can throw at me but come tomorrow it will be time to lift the spirits and get back on my looking for a job game! 

Finding that belief is so tough but when you have friends who threaten to drag you out for a drink in your AC/DC sweatshirt and leggings or you get a text that proves that others believe in you, it is like that annoying bedspring poking you in the back. You can’t stay in bed, you have to get up and sort your shit out!


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