Singularly Awesome

So today is the day when timelines are full of chocolates, red roses and fluffy pictures, well for some!!!! Mine is full of ads for dating agencies, speed dating evenings and advice on being single on Valentines Day. 


There are people who will cry to the bottom of a box of tissues and whinge about being single till that last square of a family size bar of Cadburys has departed. They will avoid the world because they hate being S I N G L E on Valentine’s Day! Don’t deny it you know who you are!!!! Our inner Bridget Jones is channelled and we write screeds and screeds in our diary ending the day by signing up to the “mature” dating site because actually the silver fox in the photo really could just be waiting to meet me!!!!!!!


Nope! All wrong guys! By all means have a whinge and a poor me moment but then, warning cheesy line approaching, remember that L O V E is all around! Family, friends, chocolate, gin, boxed set binges all love you and think you are awesome.

Swear word approaching !

So I say …   

You are awesome, amazing and fabulous! You struggle everyday to cope with life, balance the books and try to leave the house and not scare anyone! That deserves a spoil me day, so make it today.   

Me? I am spending the day celebrating the fact that I am part of an amazing family and I have a life full of people who love and support me. From the guys who supply my caffeine hit every morning at Gordon Street Coffee, the amazing bunch I work with at 29studios, my cinema buddy for life, good friends I enjoy a glass of bubbly with as well as those who drown me in gin, those who have travelled with me in good and bad times and even the Gym Guy who puts me through torture in the gym!!!!! You are my Valentines cards every day, what more do I need???? 

That is unless this guy rocks up on his bike, then you are all dumped!!!! 


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