Connecting and Stuffing! Time To Volunteer

One of the good things about the firm I work for is that they give you time out of your normal working day to do voluntary work. It can range from rattling buckets in Glasgow’s train stations to digging paths and painting walls!  So it was that some of us headed to Glasgow City Mission on Tuesday to help out! 

Our “mission”, should we choose to accept it, was to fill over a 1,000 envelopes with the GCM quarterly magazine Connect and I have to say walking into the room and staring at the piles of letters, envelopes and magazines did seen a bit impossible in the time we had. But we all soon got going using various techniques and methods and in the end we completed our mission with no explosions or injuries just a lot of chat and a great cuppa.

We were lucky enough to be shown around the building by Joy. She also explained some of the work they do there. It was jaw dropping the amount of help and support and not just the providing hot food and a chat. They help people to get back on their feet by teaching them new skills, everything from cooking to computer classes, art classes to benefits and financial advice, I have to say that I really admire what they do and how they provide the resources to develop the talents and skills of those  who want to improve their lives. It did make me think though. Joy gave us some examples of people they have  had  going through the Mission and I kept thinking how easy it is for anyone to find themselves in that position. You may lose your job, split from your partner or find yourself unsupported through illness, it could happen to anyone if us. I was incredibly lucky a few years ago when my anxiety and depression reached a peak and I had to give up my job. I had to rely on benefits and in the end had to give up my flat. If it had not been for the tremendous support of my family and friends I could very easily have slipped into homelessness or had to rely on charities to help me. There is such a fine line between life security and it all falling away from you.

So for all of you opening your Connect envelopes this week, I apologise if you find some biscuit crumbs but please fill that envelope to help support the vital work that GCM do. For the rest of you take a look around at your life, it may not be perfect but be grateful for what you have.


PS the examples Joy gave us were general no names were mentioned

You can donate to the mission via


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  1. A great blog and it sounds like GCM are a tremendous asset. There are so many organisations dependent on volunteer help, it doesn’t take long to find one if you have a few hours to spare……please do.

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