My IndyRef post !


Ok, my one and only Indy Ref post!

I remember listening to this on the television and shedding more than one tear. Amazing to think that in just a few weeks time we make another huge decision about Scotland’s future.

The most important thing is that if you have vote you use it. Don’t sit there and think it is a forgone conclusion because it is not. Do your own research and remember you are not voting for a political party or a politician, you are voting for Scotland’s future. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, ask! There are many organisations out there who are not politically aligned who can help.

Scotland in one way or another needs to send a clear message.

Me? I am voting YES because I believe in my country and the people who live here and I think it is time we stood on our own two feet. I have done my research and been to many different meetings and have come to my own conclusion.
I love my fellow GBR’s but just feel that Scotland needs to take this chance.


G x

PS A good YES link to read is

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