Doing the right thing


A friend of mine is having to make a decision which will no doubt feel like the wrong thing to do but in her heart of hearts she knows it is the right thing.

How many times do we face that in life? The difficult decisions to walk away from a  relationship, leave a job we have been in for years for a new one, move home or just decide that enough is enough and it is time to change.

The old brain says “look you know this is the right thing” whereas the heart  is screaming”NO!”.

Then we find that balance, that happy place where the light bulb goes off and we feel that sense of peace that signals that we know we have done the right thing.

worng roght

So if you are standing in front of this sign then my thoughts go out to you, it is one tough decision but give yourself time to find that balance to allow the heart and the head agree.

G x

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