It was a rainy Saturday in Glasgow, and I was sitting at my window watching the rain batter against the glass, while in the lane below me a limo pulled up and a woman in an evening dress got out and walked into one of the flats via the fire door. A bit odd I thought especially since it was mid afternoon. Who was she? Why was she going in by the fire escape door? And what a dirty stop out for getting home at this time! I spent a very pleasant fifteen minutes making up a thriller story in my head only to be woken from my daydreaming by the same woman screaming at her husband for locking her out and not answering the phone.

Ah well, my thriller had a pretty mundane ending. There was no mystery, no secret affair and no body dumped in the boot of the limo. It did get me thinking about how ofte we daydream. Me ? Usually standing at a freezing cold bus stop, being soaked by the rain and chatted up by a drunk. The number of times I have daydreamed that Bradley Cooper would roar up to the bus stop on a motorbike, me jumping on the back as we ride off into the sunset or Captain Jack Sparrow would sail up Hope Street in the Black Pearl, sweeping me up to go spend a lifetime on the High Seas!

Ah well!


I was reading a magazine article today about a new you for 2014. It had the usual ten top tips for renewing yourself and funnily enough these all contained glowing reports on products that were advertised elsewhere in the magazine. Cynic? Me? Noooo! One of the tips was to look at pictures of someone you admire and perhaps think what would they do to reach their goals and next to it was a photo shopped picture of Elle McPherson in a bikini. Mmmm so  what would Elle do if she fancied a bag of chips covered in salt and vinegar? Would she eat a raw carrot or would she give in and sprint down to the chip shop? I bet she would put her feet up, switch on the telly, order a carry out and swig back a couple of beers! Maybe yes, maybe no, whatever she would do, Elle McPherson is not me and I, this will come as a shock, am not her! Daydreaming about having the body of supermodel is one that I will never have because we are all unique individuals and apart from that I don’t, and would never, look good in a tiny bikini. Just think of all the waxing … ouch!


The point of this day dreaming Blog? Well, it made me realise how I often day-dream especially when I am at the Western Health and Racquets Club Gym on Hyndland Road on my own. On the treadmill I imagine that I am running a marathon, or that I can lift the heavier weights from “the big boy’s rack”, this, funnily enough, has genuinely made me focus on what I want to achieve. Sensibly looking at the #nextsteps that I need to take while I wait for Bradley on his motorbike.


My next blog will be all about those #nextsteps but in the meantime enjoy your daydreams and if you see a pirate ship sailing down Hope Street wave and I’ll throw you a bottle of rum!



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