Sunshine, curve balls and top spin

Walking to work this morning I noticed a little tiny bit of blue sky. I blinked and it was gone but it made me smile. Isn’t amazing how one little thing can brighten up a dull Wednesday, whether it was the fact that I didn’t need an umbrella, the bus turned up on time or just that tiny little bit of blue sky who knows.

sunshine cloud

The last few days have been so full of life’s curve balls, things that have come out of nowhere and disturbed my whole day or the odd ball full of top spin, feeling like much progress is being made only for the ball to drop just before the net and come to a dead stop. Whoever it is that is chucking these things at me, please stop cause I want it to be game, set and match and over! But I guess that is life, if it was a game of tennis serving at top speed, cruising easily through round after round to reach the final where would the sense of achievement be? In my opinion the struggle is what makes you the winner, the hard slog of returning serve after serve, keeping that rally going to wait for that opportunity shows resilience and strength especially if the game does not go your way.

We have to learn to find a way to deal with the top spin of life and the curve balls of fate, after all as Arthur Ashe once said “If I don’t ask “why me ?” after my victories, I cannot ask “why me?” after my setbacks and disasters.” So the next time you feel like your life is stuck in round after round of rained off play, keep looking for that one wee glimpse of sunshine, smile and be grateful for it for you never know where you might find it



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