December Days … the gift of gold in a moment

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Many of us will be aware of the story of the Three Kings who came to visit the baby Jesus bringing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh! Three gifts that I bet Mary thought well I could probably have done with a pile of nappies but thanks! We will never know what she thought or felt, but just imagine if that had happened now.  There would have been a photo tweeted out to the world and a new status on Facebook.  What you could possibly say was a memory of golden moment!


Golden moments, it is quite an old-fashioned phrase but I love it. To me it means a moment that shines, that stays in your head as a wonderful memory to store for the bad times. Some of the best presents I have ever had were nice photo albums. I use them to keep photos, cuttings, tickets, all sorts of things that help me to remember those shining moments with friends and family. These kinds of things are so precious in fast-moving digital world, that often it is so nice to sit with a pile of nice albums and look back through the memories.


So when you are off out present buying, what about something as simple as a nice photo album, perhaps even filling it with a few photos connected with the person you are giving it to.

Good memories are such rare things when we are stressed out or down so capturing them really helps refocus back to the good times.

Happy snapping


PS Tomorrow the second gift … Frankincense !

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