Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Such a strange phrase! The ‘seen but unbreachable barrier that keeps women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications and achievements’.  A phrase I have never really been fond of and whether it exists or not is an argument for another Blog, but I figure there is another definition.

An invisible block that I put between myself and my goal, that prevents me from reaching it because I can see what is on the other side and it scares me.

Tonight (Wednesday) at the Gym was tough, it really is back to normal, time to pull that wee bit harder, shift that lazy butt and try to persuade the muscles that they really do want to work that hard.  I admit it I wimped out three times.

  1. On the bike when the legs just would not move.
  2. On the treadmill, the pace was too fast too quickly and my breath just ran away from me.
  3. During sit ups, the ceiling of The Western Health and Racquets Club was in severe danger of being redecorated with Potato and Leek soup.

I hate bottling out but on all three occasions, I had to. The frustrating thing was that I know I can do this, I am capable of pushing myself but this evening I had no hammer to break through that glass. I guess there will always be times when we have to say enough is enough, I gave it my best shot, chalk it up to experience and try harder at the next Gym session but how much of this is actually physical and how much is psychological? When my legs start to burn when GymGuyMark increases the incline on the bike, how much of it is my brain looking at the counters rising and instantly reacting with a ‘we can’t do this’, when I am actually thinking ‘come G you can do this’.  I know myself very well, I know what I am capable of, I just need to get the message into my thick skull that the hammer to break the ceiling is in my hand all the time and all it takes is one mighty Thor leap to smash it.

So spirit broken by not shattering the glass last night ? Nope! Determination is the name of my hammer. As I have said before I am doing this in small steps, I do not want to change my life drastically overnight or lose tonnes of weight in a short period of time. This craziness is a sustained effort with a long-term throw of Determination to break the ultimate glass roof to let in the fresh air of fifty and breathe for a long time to come.

Till the next time

G x

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