Facing triumph and disaster!

So you have just faced the biggest challenge of your sporting career, you fought a hard battle but in the end your legs just wouldn’t carry you and your arms just weren’t strong enough.  You walk out of the arena head held high knowing that you tried your best and that you will be back better, fitter, stronger.  As you emerge from the tennis club you know that “If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same” then you are well on your way to becoming a champion and also that you forgot to buy milk so you need to pop into the wee shop on the way home.


Yes folks, tonight was my first night back at Western Health & Racquets Club Gym on Hyndland Road after a period of enforced absence, due to me being an officially ‘dizzy’ brunette. It was time to haul the carcass back onto the treadmill, force the legs to cycle and the arms to row. The legs were none too happy let me tell you. I have no idea how young Murray’s thighs feel today after his game on Sunday but mine are still well tired after Kettlecise on Saturday so you can imagine the protest they put up when I tried to persuade them that cycling was a good idea.

I didn’t do anywhere near as much as I would normally have done, it was almost like starting again but much easier (ooops, shouldn’t have said that, GymGuyMark might be listening). But it is true, yes the legs and arms were demonstrating loudly but everything I did tonight felt good and comfortable.  I will no doubt be moaning and groaning tomorrow about stiff legs and sore arms but hey, I bet even young Andy had a bit of a whine this morning. I will still have to be careful for a wee while as there was a couple of occasions tonight where the room did spin and no it wasn’t GymGuyMark’s dodgy singing that did it. His version of Talking Head’s Once in Lifetime is unreal!

So triumph? Yes I made it through the session!

Disaster? Epic! I forgot to buy milk for my morning coffee.

I shall return to the ‘arena’ on Wednesday night to face the two imposters again and am looking forward to it.

G x

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