The Eternal Dizziness of a Spotless Mind!

To say that the last two weeks have gone by in a haze would be an understatement.

The first week was spent mainly flat on my back with the world spinning around me. I had somehow developed a severe case of Postural Benign Vertigo, to give it its posh name, and Doc decided I needed a week off work to try to get my balance back. Just imagine that you are someone who likes to be kept busy but you are told go home, go to bed and lie still. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrghhhhhhh! The first three days were spent staring at the ceiling propped up by pillows with only my Blackberry for company. Every time I stood up or moved my head the world spun around me and my balance would go. Everything I did took a lot of effort and even a simple sneeze took about 5 minutes to recover from, frustration does not cover it. However rescue came in the shape of my wee sisters with food and chat, and the wonderful Rae from Napiers with her healing waxes and oils.  Can recommend the Hopi earwax treatment by the way.

The scary thing about it all was that I do not know what caused this, all my blood tests and other stuff came back clear,  my ears are fine so goodness only knows what kicked it all off. All I know is that the lack of both fresh air and exercise of any kind was incredibly maddening. The temptation to say stuff it and disobey orders was huge but I am glad I didn’t.

I went back to work last week and was never so glad to be there, even though it was hectic. I stayed away from the Gym to give my body and mind a chance to recover. I am not very good at doing what I am told but realising how much I missed my Gym sessions made me be a good girl.

This morning I made it through a full Kettlecise class and I have to say I am feeling much better for it, I didn’t manage as many of the exercises as I would have liked as one of the big lessons I have learned on this idiocy I call ‘getting fit’ is to know my limits and only push myself when I know it is safe to do so.

Thanks ‘Sargeant Angie’ for your advice, have drunk my body weight in water!

So with a clear mind and a new focus, it is time to start again with GymGuyMark on Monday; well he has had a fortnight off from my whingeing.

G x

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