Why does the Devil get all the easy exercises?

Ok guys, you better sit down for this one!

I have now been to the Gym four, yes four days in a row. Its madness, I tell you, madness!

  • Sunday: fifteen minutes on the treadmill followed by 9 minutes on the rowing machine, by myself
  • Monday: 20 minutes on the treadmill (the gym was quiet) and 6 minutes on the rowing machine, again by myself.
  • Tuesday: a mainly Cardio session with GymGuyMark
  • Wednesday: Some Cardio, inside and outside the Gym, then some weights with GymGuyMark

So why this sudden idiocy to knacker myself even more than I already am? Simple, it is back to the old balance Gin or Gym thing again. Over the next few weeks I will have many many opportunities to feed my face and partake of wee swally or two, so rather than get depressed at the possibility of putting on weight; I have upped the ante and slid in a few extra sessions. I have to admit it is hard to motivate yourself to keep the same pace when you are on your own, but having found some perfect tunes to listen to, it definitely makes it much easier. However the temptation to pay attention to that wee devil on your shoulder and do two less minutes or one less ‘lap’ on the exercise bike, is so huge. How easy would it be to listen to the little red guy with the horns and stop two minutes early or take the rowing down a notch or two? Why does the devil get all the easy exercises?

Hell did appear again on Tuesday, the dreaded bingo wing dips are back, and still no BBQ sauce in sight. I hate these with a passion; I never do them right, GymGuyMark is always on at me to bend my elbows and stop cheating but hey, the devil made me do it!

So what did GymGuyMark and I get talking about this week, well the heated debates (not) have ranged from a serious discussion on the Bible to Father’s Day. From cocktails you can make with Amaretto to Prometheus. From who ate all the cupcakes to the wine tasting night, is there a difference between a fiddle and a violin, oh and why there are ravens in the Tower of London.  The good thing is that I can carry on a conversation now and not get so out of breath, the lungs don’t feel like the fiery furnace they used to.

So the devil may get the easy exercises and the good music but as long as I have Donna Summer belting out a cheesy tune on my IPod and can block out Lucifer and all his little minions telling me to stay in bed, I shall be back in Hell, I mean the Gym on Saturday morning for Kettle exercise … or should I have just have another Amaretto?

G x


  1. The ravens question is an easy one. According to King Charles II the kingdom and the tower will fall if the ravens leave. And since we’ve just forked out for the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics, we can’t afford to rebuild the Tower of London as well so nobody will be taking a chance on that one!

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