The Blog that nearly never was …

I suffer from two phobias, the well-known gym phobia which is on its way to being cured and technophobia which will never be cured. I have no patience with technology, if it tells me to press button A and I press button A, why does it not do what it is supposed to? Why, when I save and schedule a Blog, does it not send it out at the date and time I entered? After much ranting and raving at my laptop, I realised it was my error, but my mood did not get any better when I went to reschedule and I hit the wrong button deleting the entire thing. Grrrr! So the below is salvaged from my notes, apologies!

So starting again, imagine the time machine is working and it is Friday morning.

It was off to The Western Health and Racquets Club Gym, on Wednesday night for a change, bit later than usual so the place was quieter. Session was mainly cardio with a few sit ups and arm weights thrown in. GymGuyMark joined in with a bit of cycling and rowing the only problem is he can carry on a full conversation and still pedal but me, I struggle to tell him where to go when he tells me to take the bike up a level. I am beginning to like the cardio machines, they make the old lungs work and even though I feel flippin’ knackered afterwards and the legs feel like someone has poured gin into them, there is a sense of achievement.

One wee change tonight, GymGuyMark got me to do an exercise with one of the kettle weights; I find it hard to get into the rhythm with these exercises but when you do it can be very satisfying. Why ? Well for me it is because you get to swing the weight upwards and batter it into a pad GymGuyMark is holding. Nothing personal of course, Mark ! It’s a mini therapy session because of the ‘grit’ you can put into slamming that weight against the pad, and boy does it feel good. That is until the next day when, because it exercises nearly every part of your body including the lungs, everything protests and loudly! So another session over, time to stagger up the road!

It is now Thursday night and I have just got back from a reflexology at Napiers in Glasgow’s West End. The very kind Rae Eustace (@AuroraTherapy) invited me to go down to see her at their centre in Cresswell Street, just off Byres Road. After the necessary form filling, I spent the next peaceful 40 minutes chilling out, while Rae worked on my feet. I have never had a reflexology session (see The Science Bit page for an explanation) before and I have to say I could become addicted. What amazed me was I have tickly feet but not once did I feel the need to pull my feet away or giggle. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is feeling slightly stressed or wound up. If nothing else it means you lie down in a peaceful, safe environment and stay still for an hour. Thanks to Rae, I left Napiers with a clear mind and a refocused brain, I felt similar to after a gym session, chilled out, healthily tired and ready to face life.



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