Broccoli, Blossom and Butts !

Day off today, I had planned it as a me day, catching up on life’s little essentials and generally lying about. So after a long lie in, it was off to the Gym at The Western Health and Racquets Club for a 10.00am session with GymGuyMark, but only after several large mugs of coffee. It was quite a nice morning, a tad chilly but good for walking. The Club looks really nice with all the pots of flowers outside it and the blossom on the trees. Very pretty!

So a different time, would GymGuyMark have different tortures, I mean exercises in store …

  • Starting off as usual with the quick walk on the treadmill. Weird children’s programme on TV next to my machine, a baby flying a space ship! Tripping!
  • Refresher lesson on how to stretch properly by GymGuyMark, legs killing me because I had heels on yesterday. Apparently there is a treat for me later. Chocolate says I, nope says he!
  • Onto the cross trainer and told to do ‘no hands’, feels a bit like running on the spot drunk. With about two minutes left, got told to hold onto handles and push, or was it pull????? Discussion on the IT Crowd and Bridesmaids!
  • Bike next, a much easier ‘journey’ than Monday, no elephant to carry. But still struggling a bit on the uphill, the legs burn but it is not uncomfortable.
  • Next time to face the incline. Not too bad a start and managed a half decent go at it, have decided not to focus too much on not being able to do what I want to on this. Will get there eventually. Good thing was I did not feel exhausted after the 6 minutes.
  • Time to head upstairs and yes, new ways to annoy my muscles. But not before GymGuyMark showed me the bag of yummy snacks he had brought with him. One head of broccoli and two carrots. Wot no dip, says I?

  • Started off with the sitting on floor pulling down weights, slightly different movement today. Cramp in right hand, ow! But finished the pulls.
  • Second go on bike, this one is slightly different, the seat is lower and you are more horizontal, chat about socks!
  • Next the first of today’s new joys. Out the door and onto the stairs next to the squash courts. Sets of climbing up two at a time. No hands on bannister or resting on knees. Knackered!
  • Back into Weight room, slightly concerned when GymGuyMark appeared holding a huge blue pad. It looks like the kind of thing someone would hold for a boxer to punch. Having been told that this exercise would affect every part of my body including my lungs, I was intrigued. So weight on floor in front of me, legs apart, knees bent, butt stuck out, head up, chest out. Painting a nice picture eh. The idea is you hold the weight in one hand, control the swing up towards the pad that GymGuyMark was holding, so you go from an almost squatting position to straight legs. But the good thing is, you can swing that thing as hard as you want. The first two or three felt strange but boy, can you feel it, however when you hear that thump of the weight against the pad, the ‘agro’ kicks in. Have told GymGuyMark I am bringing photos of ex’s and folk who have hacked me off to stick on the pad the next time. I like this one.
  • Next thought I was getting a wee rest but noooo it was the dreaded bingo wing dips, haven’t done these for a while, still hate ‘em.
  • Sit up time, however this time one set done with one leg up in the air. Such a pretty sight. Lectured GymGuyMark on getting his Twitter bio and photo sorted.
  • Finally a real treat. Leg stretches but not by me. With me lying flat on my back, GymGuyMark lifted up my right leg and starts to rotate the ankle, and then he stretches your whole leg, by pushing it upwards. Feels really strange but good after a tough workout.
  • We then made a discovery; apparently my right knee cap is ‘floating’. GymGuyMark explained what that meant and that this could be the cause of some of the problems I have with my knee. He has taught me a massage technique that I need to do every day that will hopefully help. Again I cannot stress this enough, the beauty of having a trainer who really knows his stuff.

So all in all a good morning at the Gym, good chat and tough exercises! Now for the rest of the day, where did I put my list?

G x

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