On the pull … do you come here often

So my friends, it’s session ten already at Gym at The Western Health and Racquets Club, in the leafy West End of Glasgow.  Good day for a Monday but I know a few of you had a toughie so chins up girls and have a gin!

Have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about tonight, got a bit of a head cold coming on and after Thursdays wobbly on the treadmill was just a touch nervous about attempting it again.

So tonight went like this …

  • Ten minutes on the treadmill, fast walking pace, chosen by me to get my lazy desk bound ass in gear
  • Little bit of stretching
  • And then we went for a row. Apparently you know you are doing it right because the machine will roar at you, says himself. This machine is the weirdest yet, I said to GymGuyMark that it felt quite easy and got the reply ‘that’s because you are not pulling hard enough’.  ‘Push with your legs and pull with your arms’ was a bit like the rub your tummy and pat your head scenario. But finally I got into a rhythm only for GymGuyMark to make me laugh and that was that. Abandon ship!

  • Next the bike, normally we have a good start, tough middle and freewheel down the mountain but not tonight, oh no. Tonight was more like can you give this elephant a backy up Ben Nevis but have a chat on the phone at the same time. My thighs were screaming for mercy. But struggle on I did, although I think the elephant fell off at one point.
  • Next time to face the demons, onto the treadmill. I only had to do 5 minutes, my normal pace of 6.5 but the incline was only 3.00. It still feels tough but despite a runny nose and nearly tipping a bottle of water over myself, I nearly did it. I have said it before but am boringly going to say it again, the beauty of a good trainer is they know when you have had enough, they know you well enough to know your limits and when you have truly done your best. We are on target to break the 6.5: 6.5 and I will do it, but baby steps will get me there faster than killing myself.
  • Time to go upstairs and more pulling, feels like the elephant I gave a backy to is now sitting on the weights.  Arms hurting big time, but more a please leave us alone hurt than a sore ouch.
  • Tummy time, but first arm curls with weights, in front of the mirror. Eyes closed in my case. Not ready to face me yet. Time to annoy the tummy muscles; I put the weights on the floor only to be told bring them with you. Not liking the sound of this at all!
  • So before sit ups, I had to lie on my back, hold the weights in my hands and lift them up and down. Not good, wrists did not like that at all. I managed about 20, I think but my right elbow and wrist felt distinctly dodgy. Can’t have my drinking, I mean writing arm out-of-order.
  • More sit ups, starting to feel better at doing these, tummy muscles are coming round to my way of thinking, as in let’s get this over with.

And that was the end of another session, Gym chat tonight, GymGuyMark isn’t feeling well (coughs, manflu), dodgy songs with dodgy lyrics, even dodgier chat up lines (half of which I cannot print) and of course films. No Disney tonight just The Town and I am Philip Morris, one of which I couldn’t remember as I fell asleep half way through.

Time to take my wobbly legs home with me!

Till session 11 …


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