A whole lotta shakin going on Dante !

Tough day, stuck at my desk for most of it so felt as stiff as a board when 5.30pm came round. Made it to the Gym in good time, in fact I was up and running for about ten minutes before GymGuyMark appeared. I really felt the need to get the legs going, it is the worst thing about a desk job, especially one that can be pretty intense sometimes, so much so that you tend to forget to stand up!

The stresses of the day walked off, GymGuyMark announced that tonight we would be spinning. Aye right, thinks me, nooooo way! I get dizzy watching the fast spin on a washing machine! Apparently Spinning is sitting or standing up on a bike, and doing exercises whilst pedalling like a mad thing. I started off in the weirdest sitting position pedalling to the best of my limited abilities; the gym was busy tonight, which is good to see, so while GymGuyMark was off checking on other folks. I enjoyed a peaceful if somewhat uncomfortable cycle. The seat was hell to sit on and when I mentioned this, it was time for some of GymGuyMark’s quality banter. Tonight it was story time with GymGuyMark, and as I already was sitting uncomfortably, he began. No fairy story from oor Mark, oh no, the story of Dante’s Inferno. Rather appropriate considering the hell I was going through on that bloody seat. Story over, GymGuyMark told me to keep pedalling but stand up. The sitting pedalling was fine but the standing up pedalling, noooo. My left knee protested very loudly, in fact it was sore but the beauty of having a trainer around like GymGuyMark is that he stopped me straight away. So instead we went outside for a brisk walk around the park! Brisk walk? More like route march, down stairs, upstairs, back round again and more stairs. I miss strolling! But this is doing you good, this is doing you good, keep the chant going girl! This is going you dood!

Out of the lovely West End evening and up the stairs to the weight room. A new machine tonight, a sitting on the floor pulling weights, well I say weights, it felt I was trying to launch two elephants skywards. Bloomin’ heck I felt it. Next another machine that tortures, I mean sorts out your upper body. at least i got a wee seat with this one. Only one problem was in the middle of this I got the giggles, the seat made a really weird sound and, discovering that GymGuyMark has the same school kid sense of humour as me, laughter ensued.

Wobbly Bits Warning !

Now the next part of the Blog I have to be very careful with. Leaving me to have a wee rest, GymGuyMark disappeared for a couple of minutes and reappeared with a remote control. Time to meet the Power Plate; this is just the weirdest experience ever. It is a platform you stand on to do exercises. It shakes, oh yes it shakes and it shakes the weirdest parts of your body. I could feel my chins giving it so much wobble I am sure it registered on the Richter Scale. From squats to the ‘just lean on your elbows on this massively vibrating object, stretch your legs out behind you, up on your toes and lift yourself up’ exercises, it was like to trying to iron jeans on top of a jelly, impossible and as always GymGuyMark wants ten more. Now there was one more exercise, you lie on your back, feet up on the Power Plate, arms out to the side and lift your bum up and hold. If anyone ever thinks they have a tight butt, that never wobbles, I recommend you try this. Guaranteed shaking of the booty you thought you didn’t have! Things wobble and shake that you never thought possible. And I am sorry to say, giggling and much more of  the school kid sense of humour was back, with GymGuyMark as bad as me! I cannot say anymore !

Shaking over, time for the sit ups. These are definitely getting easier; I can almost hold a conversation whilst doing them. It’s a bit like being at the hairdressers, ten more please and what did you do at the weekend. So the end of another session and feeling much better, the Gym fairly does get rid of the strains and stresses of the day and on such a gorgeous night the main part of the Western Club is really pleasant with such big windows, looking out onto the tennis courts.

No session on Thursday as night out with work, but homework will be done and might sneak a visit on Friday.



  1. I love the power plate. I call it the shuggle machine! Much more effective doing stretches on it! Sounds like its all going well!

  2. Thanks Michelle and Hilary, I am getting there. The Power Plate had me in fits of giggles, love the shuggle machine idea. Will use that in future, if GymGuyMark ever lets me back on it

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