Day 57: ❤❤❤ 10/03/2017 Lists

Lists are ruling my life right now! To Do’s, To Call, To Send! My fridge is covered in post its. However there is one other list that I have on my fridge and this is the list that I live by at the moment. It is the get up, eat, drink, move, do, sleep list. This is my daily timetable of things I cannot miss. Oh, I forgot drink coffee!!!!

Since I started this 150 day thing the daily necessities are …

A good sleep,

An hour long walk (now increased from 45 minutes)

No white bread 

Takeaways once a month only unless it is a special occasion.

No fizzy juice or diet drinks unless it is the life giving Irn Bru and the public would be in danger.

Blog saved daily and try to get edited and published asap. 

Read a real book, only one at a time rather than my usual four on the go.

There are a couple of other things but they are for sharing on another Blog.

All of these things are now embedded into my life and, as part of this challenge, are now daily routine. I know that I have not kept up publishing my Blog but the drafts do all get saved down. And just to prove that the fitness routines are being kept up, here is a scary photo of my very white legs.

Check my Facebook page for a short video with further updates

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