Day 50 : Gin please ❤❤❤ 03/03/2017

Friday! The day when most people sit at their desk and watch the hours count down till they can bolt out the office door to grab a passing gin and tonic. My Friday brain could have done with a gin at 8am this morning but even I would resist that. So coffee gulped, it was off to the Western Health and Racquets Club for a quiet space to work in the Member’s Bar


Today was all about challenging myself, planning and pulling together some ideas as well as looking at various opportunities that have come about this week. Coordination of diaries, following up on actions, calls and ticking things off on my list, it is like being back at work. As I have said before I have deliberately kept my head in the work space, getting up at regular hours, checking websites, agencies etc making looking for a job, my job. Even the voluntary work I am doing is keeping me busy and adding so many skills to my CV. I have learned a lot in the last few weeks professionally and personally. I keep thinking that this is all happening for a reason and I kind of now know what that is.

However back to today and it is the challenging part, Stretching time with GymGuyMark This class is getting tougher, just when you think you can stretch no more and you are lying there waiting on a SNAP sound, you find that your previously uncooperative legs find an extra millimetre. It looks like we are doing nothing but believe you me, we are working hard. Those poor hamstrings, glutes and whatever other strange parts of our bodies GGM makes us work are being forced to loosen up. When you have to hold the stretch for a minute or two at least, your entire body starts to shake as it tries to tell you to let go and flop on the floor but the stubborn part of you keeps going. I like this class, it is a real mind over matter exercise.

Did I just say I like an exercise class? That is it, gin time!!!!



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