Day 36 Avocado, Boxing and Stretching! 17/02/2016

Start the day!

Yep, busy day that began with me coping and focussing on me. I am working on something special and today I needed to feel strong, mentally and physically.

Good start with a good breakfast, and a chance meet with a great network contact put me in the right frame of mind. I use Mind Mapoing tools a lot these days it really helps me identify the key areas that are urgent and those that can wait. 

Now that the body had been fed, it was time for the physical. Stretching Class with GymGuyMark first during which I discovered that I have parts of my body that think they should remain in hibernation and just flatly refused to stretch. Unfortunately in GGM’s classes you get a wee bit of help, which usually results in you getting assistance to bend or lift a limb into a position you previously thought would never happen. This was just a warm up though because next was the boxing! 

This was a badly needed session! I had a fair wee bit of anger built up in me and in the past I have found that a boxing session with GGM really helps. Getting those gloves on and working with someone you trust is a fantastic controlled way if getting rid of that negative energy. When you hear that voice encouraging you to hit the pad harder and the “routine” flows, it feels really good. 

Check my Day 36 Facebook posts  for the videos 

Facebook Gin or Gym
After all this I felt really strong and very focussed, that negative energy had gone and been replaced with a will to succeed and identify my worth. 

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