Day 31 Sorting ❤❤❤

Have you ever gone looking for something and ended up finding something else that turns your day upside down?

My quest turned a quiet Sunday into a room that looks like a paper bomb had hit it. I had to try and find a letter with a reference number on it and it was not where I was sure I had left it. I must have gone through the same box of papers about four or five times when I accidentally knocked over another box and lo and behold, guess what fell out? I have to admit to a slight temper tantrum and a box got hurled across the room. The box knocked over another file and guess what fell out of there? A copy of the same letter!

So many times in life we think we are right but now and again it takes a fallen box and a forest of paper to make you realise you were wrong. 

Today I learned that admitting you were wrong is a huge lesson, from tiny things to great big foot in it mistakes. Important thing is to learn and move on. This is where my daily walk has been helping, the fresh air calms me down and helps focus.


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