Day 21 : Optimistic Me 

I watched the amazing Kate Foster’s weekly Blog prompt on her Copying Writing with Attitude page and in it she encouraged those watching to write about something optimistic about their business or product. It got me thinking about my 150 Day Challenge and how I can be optimistic about it despite the bad weather, cold/flu, sore muscles, no job and moan and whinge and generally feel sorry for attention seeking me!

I used mind mapping to plot out all the areas I had hoped to improve on, think about what I can influence and areas that I have no control over. It helped me to crystallise some of what was getting me down. It seems to be that when you can actually admit there are areas of your life over which you have no influence or control, you tend to relax a bit. Well I know I do.  

Mind over matter?

The disappointment I feel when I can’t make an arranged class or exercise lesson does get me down because I feel that I am failing to meet my own expectations. But optimism does creep back in when I realise that every day I have managed my walk, for the last two weeks my eating plan has been stuck to and all at the same time of going through job hunting. So Wednesday is all about looking forward, realising that it is better to be optimistic. 

The glass of gin is half full!

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