Day 14 Spinning continued : Michael’s side! ❤❤❤

Working with Geraldine was great…..a different approach given it was a one-on-one introduction to Spinning. However everything we did with bike set up, start pedaling, sit, stand, heart rate up, sweat, etc……all the same as every Beginners class we do in the Studio.

…..and so we start Spinning. The basics are straight forward, sitting and pedaling as if you are on a flat road, all to the beat of the music. 2nd track and we add a little more gear and we stand up, as if we are going up hill, a gradual hill, but a hill all the same. Heart rate increases, breath becomes shorter, sweat forms on forehead. All going to plan.

At the top of the hill we rest. Catch our breath, let heart rate drop a little, drink water and mop brow.

Once recovered, we repeated. However, all at a pace that suited Geraldine…..and that’s the way Spinning works, by the individual being in full control of the bike and how much resistance they add to the bike.

Next time, penciled in for Monday morning, we will simply do the same again and get used to the bike and exercise a little more. However, more effort, more resistance/gear, more increased heart rate, more sweat, more water, more mopping of brow……another step closer the 150 day goal.

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