Saturday Mornings, to boxed set or not?

Saturday mornings! 

A time for lazing around in your pj’s, flicking from to channel to to channel while your coffee machine gently rumbles like Mount Vesuvius with indigestion and you seriously debate whether it really is the height of laziness to install a toaster on your bedside table?

Or perhaps you are one of those eager beavers up and at em running off your little socks round a park, pounding the treadmill or lifting weights heavier than the weekly supermarket shopping bags? 

Then again you may belong to that “Mummmmmmm when are we going to swimming lessons/dancing class/football training?”heroes, the well nagged group of people whose Saturday’s are spent either dragging kids away from the telly or using it as a threat to make them go see Granny?

Whatever you do with your Saturday morning, I have one little tip for you, don’t flick the channel to anything with boxed sets! You lie back in bed with your bucket of coffee, your loaf of toast smothered in half a tonne of butter and the next thing it is 2pm, your eyes are all screwed up, your hair could house a flock of birds and you are convinced you are paralysed down your left hand side because you just had to watch one more episode! I am now convinced that boxed sets are the new excuse for not going out! Ok, I like the rest of the world enjoy a day glued to Suits or Gossip Girl or whatever the latest fantasy show is, but only if it is one crap day with the rain chucking it down outside and logically hibernation is the only option!!!! But when you have arranged to go meet someone for breakfast, they cancel at the last minute with the “something came up, I’ll fill you in later” excuse and you can quite clearly hear the music from Game of Thrones in the back ground then you know you have been dumped for a catch up with Jon Snow!

I know of a friend who once convinced herself that she could watch one more episode of Outlander as long as she wrote her weekly shopping list during the programme. She got to the supermarket at 3pm in the afternoon, having written the list at 10am, and discovered not buy 6 apples, a pot of basil, sun dried tomatoes and fabric conditioner but a scrap of paper full of hearts with JC loves Sam Heughan all over it. Bless her, she was of course foolish enough to text me and tell me what she had done and could I remember if she needed toilet paper or if we had drunk all the wine on my last visit????? 

TV is often excused of dumbing down our lives but perhaps the overuse of the boxed set to avoid the world is also to blame. Watching chapter after chapter of angst ridden housewives/lovelorn vampires/Hugo Boss suited lawyers does not help and yes, unfortunately your problems cannot be avoided by sitting in a coffee shop because no one told life was going to be this way!

Get up, get out and go grab life! Well at least after one more episode of ……… (Add your preference here)

G x

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