Regretably but always yours

A few weeks ago a friend of mine called me to let me know that she and her husband of 25 years were splitting up. Shocked is not the word! When I asked her why she said that it was not something either of them wanted but they knew it was the right thing to do. Quote ” you know Geraldine, sometimes you have to look at the priorities in life, you have to make the toughest descions to protect something you love”.

I have to say that I still found it hard to believe and understand until the other day when I had to make one of the toughest decisions of my life. Walking away from something you love is tough, brave and heart wrenching even though deep down inside you know you are doing the right thing, you still feel huge regret and an inordinate amount of fear. Having to balance out that life changing decision can drive you nuts, there can be a lot of pro and con list making, a waste paper basket full of scrunched up scribbles and sleepless nights but in the end we do know deep down that we will fall towards our instinct. 

Perhaps we not only make these tough choices to protect what we love but also to look after ourselves. It is the old band aid thing of ripping it off fast or pulling it off slowly, which pain is better and which can we cope with? This being an adult sucks sometimes!!!!!!! Like my friend, I am very lucky to have some amazing, understanding people in my life. They are a fantastic family/team/support network who fully understand and, though they may think I have lost my mind, would never say it. 

So a bit of time out to heal, put on a temporary bandage for a while to cope with what is going on in life then start again with some regret but like my friend with tonnes of fantastic memories of a “family” who will remain with me always!

As an ex once signed off to a girlfriend, regrettably but always yours 

Mary Geraldine


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