Out of the zone!

I could not sleep last night! I had one if those nagging headaches that drives you mad, pills do not work because it is caused by a niggling thought that won’t go away. I lay there staring at the ceiling trying to work out what was bothering me when there was a scraping sound at my window. My friend the squirrel was back.


Nothing extraordinary in that you say but for this little chap to get onto my window ledge he gas to climb to the top of the tree opposite, leap onto the roof, crawl down a drainpipe, leap onto one windowsill then jump from one to another till he reaches mine! It is amazing to watch him complete his assault course and he never falls. I got up, made a cuppa and sat in the most uncomfortable seat in my room, watching him eat his seeds while I had a choccy biccie. Then the lightbulb went ping over my head, that little squirrel takes a huge leap of faith every time he attempts to get onto my window ledge. He comes out of his nice tree where he is well concealed because he wants the food I put out. So he not only takes a huge step out of his comfort zone, he also takes a massive leap of faith in his own abilities to reach his goal.


All to often we find ourselves swimming round and round in our tiny little familiar fish bowl, when if we just got enough strength to take that leap we could find a bigger bowl with so much more room for us to swim and grow. Faith in our own abilities, and those who support us, is key even when the end result is now what we had expected or wished for.

Perhaps we need to go through the assault course of life to get fit enough, mentally and physically, to be able to take that step into the unknown before we finally reach that window ledge with the chocolate biccies on! Who knows? But what a glorious feeling of achievement and pride in ourselves that we even tried.


So the nagging thought gone, the squirrel is off to another window ledge and I am going back to sleep. Thanks to my wee long tailed buddy, chocolate biccies and an uncomfortable seat my nagging thought had gone. Time for some leaping, a wee bit of faith and allowing others to help when the leap does not end up where I wanted it to.

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