Stop the tantrum and get inspired!

How many times have you seen a screaming, purple face child lying face down in the supermarket trying to beat a hole in the floor because Mum won’t buy them a toy. Apparently without it their life is meaningless and they will be shunned by everyone. As we walk by we either criticise the poor parenting  or admire Mum’s guts for walking away and leaving the little darling to complete their performance in the Fruit and Veg aisle by themselves. You really have to admire children, they are the best excuse makers ever especially when they don’t want to do something. I remember a certain child who told me it was more important they watched a cartoon than ate their breakfast as the Weetabix only fed the body but Power Rangers fed his mind and soul!!!!! Excellent work!

(Photo from a Google search)

We will debate for hours with children about the rights and wrongs of wearing summer clothes in the snow but just stop and think for a second, how often have you “chucked a wobbly” because you don’t want to get out of your cosy bed? I am not talking tantrum, I am talking avoidance, that little internal part of you that stamps it’s cosy, warm toes, hits snooze and gives you another ten minutes so you then end up running late and in a bad mood. Yes, you got that toy but was it worth it. Then there are the people who scream about their “rights” but do they get up off their back sides and do something about it?No, it is far easier to sit in a warm sitting room and scream at the telly. That new body many people have made resolutions about will not appear just because you bought a DVD, an exercise mat and a juicer, you need to use them. That new job will not call you just because you read the Situations Vacant, send your CV. We need to get up, get out and do it ourselves as no amount of beating the Supermarket floor will get us that “toy”.

I guess there are many situations in life when we accept that we will never get what want no matter how hard we “scream” but what can we achieve through hard work, dedication and self belief?

I really admire people who not only get up and get out there but really put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. My friend Michelle was very active during the Scottish Independence campaign, she put a lot of a time and effort into spreading the YES word in a positive and constructive manner. So when the vote went the other way, did she flop to the floor, chuck her toys out the pram and start sulking? No, she is standing as a potential SNP candidate for her Paisley and Renfrewshire North! Now that is really taking the decision that if Mum won’t buy you that toy you need to work to get it yourself. I find people like Michelle inspirational, real people with genuine positive beliefs and a passion for their work.

Me? I am taking that inspiration and going for a few new goals this year, it is going to mean a bit of sacrifice and prioritisation but I feel so good and positive about it that I could become annoyingly happy! Taking the decision that 2015 will be a year of gold not silver, for me! Fate may decide otherwise but I am going to try to do my best to make sure there will be no screaming on the Supermarket floor.


I included Michelle in this Blog because I find it totally inspiring that she is willing to back up her YES beliefs by standing as a candidate. During the YES campaign I attended many events that she spoke at and the passion and belief she had really came through in a positive and constructive manner. Not only is she driven through her work with Business For Scotland but also her passionate belief in the unacceptability of poverty in this age is a campaign that she will and does work hard for.
Michelle is a close friend I have known for a few years now, we have many a debate and a difference of opinion but there is always an underlying respect.
Good luck Michelle, I am proud to be part of the team!

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