Back To The Future?

I was looking at photos the other day of me as a twenty year old. A slim size twelve with not bit of excess anywhere and the only Lycra was the kind that could be worn on the outside! Mind you I was playing badminton about 5 times a week and was fit but looking at those photos made me think, if I could go back to change the future. Would I want to?

The old phrase “if I knew then, what I know now” comes to mind but if that was true, would we actually change things? Surely what we have been through has made us who we are as well as what we have allowed ourselves to become.

I had the privilege of spending time with some women recently who had been through some very challenging times . For most if us their experiences would be unthinkable but to sit and listen to them talking about overcoming such huge shifts in their lives was inspiring. Some of us look at our past with fondness but when your past is full of bitter memories and physical hurt, growing and learning can be very difficult. One of the woman I met said to me that the only thing that got her through the dark days was knowing that she did have a future ahead and that she would be able to take charge of it. “No one will ever have that power over me again, my future is now mine and I own it!”


So thinking about my future I have gone back to two an a half years ago when I decided to take matters into my own hands and change my life by getting fit. The mindset I had then was positive and I reached my goal of looking fabulous at my 50th birthday party. But lately, for one reason or another it has all gone AWOL, so I have been going back to the future to remember that feeling and get back with the programme as GymGuyMark would say.

So targets? Goals? Achievements? Yes, I do have something in mind but first it is time to learn to walk before I can run. The body needs to be fuelled properly and looked after. The mind and heart are in a good place now so by the time I hit 52 the body will be to. I may not have a DeLorean to travel back or a mad Professor but I do have experts who can give me the advice and support I need.

Backwards to go forward and onward! The Gin or Gym way of course!



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