Just a wee bit too jerky!

Ok, Monday night and after a manic dash home from work via the chemist, doctor and bank, I eventually made it down to The Western Tennis and racquets Club for my Monday night sessions with GymGuyMark.

Tonight was going to be my first proper week ‘back to normal’, all clear from the Doc with strict instructions on taking it easy and taking my time to recover if I felt dizzy. Taking it easy, must remember to introduce my doctor to GymGuyMark, there is no such thing in his book. Joking apart, I was quite apprehensive about how much I would actually be able to do without the world spinning constantly, and as it happens it only went really wonky once.

So tonight went a bit like this …

  • Ten minutes on the treadmill, good walking pace then stretches
  • Rowing machine for 9 minutes but had to stop twice. Once because I turned my head too quickly and the second time because I lost my breath.
  • Upstairs for a wee bit of cycling, did something weird to my knee but it was fine after a stretch.
  • Then to the weight room, for a bit of pulling, arm lifting, knee lifting and thigh spreading (!)
  • Then joy of joys, GymGuyMark let me run up and down the stairs for five minutes. He is so kind that boy!
  • Finally back to sit ups, I haven’t done as many of these in the last few weeks as they were a definite no no. However tonight I think I did not too bad. Mind you it didn’t help that GymGuyMark made me laugh so much at one point that I had to stop. Then I did I really stupid thing, instead of sitting up slowly I got up too fast and the world went woooooooo! One silly wee jerky movement and the merry-go-round in my head started. However sensible girl that I am I sat still, did my rebalancing exercises and was fine.

So lessons for next time are to take my time sitting up, start using stairs at work and concentrate on my breath and not to make too many jerky movements.

Till the next time

G x

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