Day 55: ❤❤❤ 08/03/2017 Organised! Good versus Bad!

Would you say you are an organised person?

Perhaps professionally your calendar is bang up to date, you have no paperwork in your intray and all your emails are read, answered and filed. Personally? Admit it, you still have emails in your gmail since 2001 and your mobile is in danger of being cut off because you forgot to pay it again. I can see the nodding heads out there. Let’s face it our professional priorities are, in most cases, so different from our personal and the reason is usually because we don’t get paid to clean our fridges or remember to pick up that dry cleaning we put in months ago. No wonder people employ assistants, nannys and butlers to run households.

One of things being unemployed has made me look at is how I organise my life. As I have said before I am determined not to be a lie in bed till it is time for Loose Women government statistic. I have looked at being unemployed as a full time job and have applied the same work ethic to my search as I would do if I was sitting at a desk. I realised how even a spare ten minutes a day is precious because it means you can take a quick look through LinkedIn, re read a CV or Job spec or hit send on that draft email you have been compiling. So putting that extra effort into being organised at home meant that all those organisational and priority skills I used in my professional life have now spilled into my personal.

Yes, in some ways it makes life boring because there is no thrill of being lazy or letting the laundry pile up till you need two machines at the launderette. The bills get paid and the letters get posted because you need the time to go network or make calls about potential work, even the dreaded ironing is done because you never know when you might need the clean white shirt.

What is does mean is that there are no surprises, or so I thought! The surprise that happened to me was a tiny seed of an idea. It has been planted in my head and is slowly growing. However to keep it blossoming, I need to become even more organised. 

Sigh! I am sure this is a good thing, I hope!


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