Day 54: ❤❤❤ 07/03/2017 Small Changes


Are you one of those people who notices the slightest difference in a paint colour or if the beige carpet they delivered is not the beige you chose in the shop? Or do changes have to be slap you in the face, no longer blonde now brunette changes before you see the difference?

It’s funny how the outward signs are obvious, but can we tell when there has been a change to someone inside? I don’t mean the change from a B cup to a DD, more when a person has worked towards a shift in their attitude from a woe is me to a damn you world, hit me with your worst, I can cope. 

I had my hair cut today, the style pretty similar just a bit shorter and on my way back from seeing the ever fabulous Fraser at G20, I met a friend who I hadn’t seen in ages. The last time we met I had shoulder length hair but after the “fantastic to see you’ hugs, she took a step back and said “there is something different about you but I can’t quite put my finger on it”. I grinned back at her waiting on the obvious hair cut remark but instead she clicked her fingers and pointed at my face. “You are smiling! The last time I saw you was in a pub in Glasgow and you were one miserable girl”. As I walked away from her, I was desperately trying to think when it was, and when it clicked it all made sense.

It’s funny how many people have remarked on my change of outlook and not on the change in hairstyle. For me that is a huge compliment, it means that apart from the fabulous Fraser doing a great job, I have created a new style in me that fits my life and those around me. Don’t get me wrong, there are some who do not like it and have said so under the guise of “just being concerned”, I have learned the hard way on at least two occasions but this shift in my thinking is me. 

It takes time and often a wake up call to challenge yourself, however when that comes the ability to cope will be there, you just have be able to say damn you world, hit me with your worst!

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