Day 52 : Yawn! ❤❤❤ 05/03/2017

5 am???? Seriously 5 am! My body clock has to be kidding me!


It wasn’t even a turn over and go back to sleep awakening. No, it was a get up and get stuff done alarm and the worst part was my brain agreed with my body. They were. for once, in sync at 5 am.

5 am on a Sunday!!!!!

Nothing for it but to get up, have a shower and find something to do quietly. I pulled out my to do list and by 7 am, I had started to build a new blog site, answered 13 emails, sorted and composed 10 Twitter templates and washed the dishes! I think I had breakfast to! Next walk time, 45 minutes thinks I, in the chilly sunshine. An hour and a half later, I am back at my flat!

Have I been bewitched?

Was there something in the gin I had yesterday?

Or is this a rebellion by my inner, ahem, athlete?

When we have that sudden sleep disturbance it knocks us for six, but for me when I wake up that early at the weekend with no alarm, no what did I forget to do, no can I smell smoke type fears, it feels really really odd. Isn’t it weird how we can’t accept that we are awake and ready to start the day. Instead we either try desperately to go back to the land of nod or spend the next two hours feeling our arms go numb as we check our phones, emails and messages. My theory is, that this is another part of the change I am going through. Hopefully it is having more energy so I might not need as much sleep as I used to. Whatever it is, guess I better get used to it.

Accept! Cope! Change! Challenge! Next week is going to be awesome!




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