Day 51 :Coaching with Yoda ❤❤❤ 04/03/2017

One of the things I have loved about being a part of the team at The Western Health and Racquets Club is learning how valuable the attitude of a coach to a player is. You might be the best tennis player in the world but that does not make you a good coach. Coaching is all about encouraging,”helping people to live their potential” and using positive language. So much of what sports coaches do can be translated into real life.

Take family for example, we live, eat, chat, argue, celebrate, encourage, support and commiserate with each other to name but a few, we are our own cheerleaders. Some family we may not see for a long while but the ease at which we fall back into conversation proves that the connections are always there. Some families are fractured or disfunctional causing a whole other set of issues and often that is when trouble sneaks in. I am very lucky, I come from a close and close extended family, we laugh and make fun of each other, we remember the past and look to the future with support in our mistakes and joy in our successes. This team is as important as that awesome coach is to a great player.

However, if you do not have your own mindset straight, no amount of coaching or cheerleader will help. If there is no determination to improve, the impact of any inspiration will be minimal and you will end up stuck. As Yoda might say the force to accept change is strong in you, young (?) Geraldine! Yes, O Wrinkly Wee One, but only after a lot of help, support, a willingness to open doors, close others and stand in the storm to face the day. Change is hard, we resist it as much as we can but eventually you need to step out into space, light sabre in hand

May the force etc etc etc



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